Hemmed-In Hollow Falls, Arkansas

Hemmed-In Hollow Falls in March 2011

Hemmed-In Hollow Falls is one of the more widely known waterfalls in Arkansas. This seems to be due to its 200+’ height and honestly what is a beautiful scenic backdrop for the falls. And yet, if you show up at the wrong time of year, you might be slightly disappointed.

At first, I was somewhat concerned about hiking to Hemmed-In Hollow Falls. It sounded like it was a long and strenuous hike. It was long, and it was a bit strenuous in places…But I found much of it to be easier to traverse than I expected. (Sometimes, when you prepare yourself for the worse, it actually turns out better! The opposite also holds true.) It is a 2.5 mile hike downhill, followed by a 2.5 mile hike uphill on the return. It seemed spread out enough that I didn’t want to cry when I got back to the car!

The views to be had during the hike to the falls were rather impressive. The area is really very beautiful. As you get closer, you’ll see a smaller waterfall, though it was actually wider than Hemmed-In Hollow Falls, and seemed like it had more water flowing. Hemmed-In Hollow Falls had very little water flowing. There was also just enough wind that it kept causing the water that was flowing to oscillate back and forth. In the pictures, I’m not sure you’ll be able to tell it was flowing. It’s the portion that almost looks like sun rays. Much of the water has been dispersed after only 50′ of drop or so! So, I would strongly recommend going to the falls after it has rained in the area. Even with little rain, I will admit the rock near the falls is very interesting. There are a number of beautiful colors and striations.


  1. Take AR-43 southwest from Harrison. Drive just over 18 miles into Compton.
  2. Turn left on the dirt road across from the Compton Post Office. I believe this will be County Road 19 (which might be Erbie Road). Drive for approximately 1 mile on this dirt road.
  3. Then follow the signs to the trail head parking area.
  4. From the parking area, start your hike to the falls. Bring water and some snacks so the hike is more enjoyable!

Accessibility: 4/10 (moderate/difficult)
Distance of Hike: 5 miles round trip (1500’+ elevation change one-way)
Height: 220′

Lower Hemmed-In Hollow Falls

Where in the World is Hemmed-In Hollow Falls?


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