Little Clifty Falls, Indiana

Little Clifty Falls in March 2014

You may not think Indiana has any interesting waterfalls, but interestingly enough, it does. There are a number of tall, rather impressive waterfalls in the state, and while many of them are concentrated in the southernmost portion, a few others are scattered throughout the state.

When I originally traveled to Indiana, Clifty Falls State Park was very high on my list (along with the indefinitely closed Tioga Falls in Kentucky). I visited in late March before the leaves on the trees had emerged, and that was probably a good thing… The day was beautiful, if a bit cool. After visiting Clifty Falls State Park, though, I was a bit disappointed.

There are viewing areas for the falls that are easily accessible, but those specific viewpoints all have trees blocking at least part of the view. Little Clifty Falls was no exception. I followed the trail that wanders close to the falls and crosses the creek (using a bridge) just upstream of the falls. Whether you’re on the left or right side of the falls, it’s unlikely you’ll get any good views. And once the leaves are out, the view might be worse.

There isn’t any designated way to arrive at the base of the falls, partly because it would require walking up the creek or doing something infinitely more dangerous and stupid. There is a way to get to the base of Clifty Falls (by walking up that creek), though I can’t remember whether that trail was accessible at the time of my visit…(I may have been too tired to hike the almost 3 miles to get to the base, since there’s no easy access point.)

While I would stop by Clifty Falls State Park if you’re in the area, I’m not sure I would go out of my way for it unless you want to really check it off your list. It rained later that night, and after finding out about the Hemlock Cliffs, I visited what I think are the much more interesting (and more up-close) Hemlock Cliff Falls #1 and #2. (They’re not exactly extremely close to Clifty Falls State Park…After a good rain, though, they are beautiful!)


  1. There are two entrances to the park, and both are found between Hanover and Madison. The north entrance is off of IN-62. The south entrance is off of IN-56. Both will get you to the waterfalls, as the road loops around the park.
  2. The north entrance will get you to the viewpoint for Little Clifty Falls slightly quicker. (If you are heading east along IN-62, you would turn right into the park at the north entrance.)
  3. Once you enter the park, there are pretty clear signs indicating where to drive to see Clifty Falls, and that is where you will also find Little Clifty Falls.

Accessibility: 9/10 (easy)
Distance of Hike: 0.2 miles round-trip
Height: 60′

Where in the World is Little Clifty Falls?


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