Woodburn Falls, Washington


Woodburn Falls in October 2013

I visited Woodburn Falls over two years, so I had to try and remember where this waterfall was located and how to possibly arrive at the falls. Oddly enough, I did have a pretty clear recollection that the falls was on some spur trail at a park.

If you are in Portland, Oregon, there are many amazing waterfalls near the city. There are also a few waterfalls near Portland on the other side of the Columbia River in Washington. One park in Camas, Lacamas Lake Regional Park, has 3 smaller waterfalls in the park’s boundaries. I posted information about Pothole Falls previously. I honestly found that waterfall (and Lower Falls) by wandering next to Lacamas Creek (which is relatively easy to find). Woodburn Falls isn’t on the main creek, but instead on a different creek. It’s got its own separate side-trail that leads to the falls from the main trail.

I found it to be relatively easy to find. I think there were very clear signs posted that helped find the falls. And while there wasn’t a huge amount of water flowing, it still was actually pretty good for October. Woodburn Falls also happens to be relatively calm and quiet since it’s off on its own. I don’t think there were any other people at the falls when I reached my destination.


  1. From I-205, take WA-14 East toward Camas.
  2. Exit WA-14 onto 6th Avenue.  Continue along 6th Avenue.
  3. Turn left onto NE Garfield Street (WA-500). You will veer left, and then turn right right, continuing on WA-500 (now known as NE Everett Street).
  4. There is a parking area on Everett Street, and there is also one just a short distance further up along NE 35th Avenue. The parking area on Everett Street is clearly signed, and ends up being an easier starting point. There is more parking at the 35th Avenue spot, but it is a little more difficult to determine where to begin. The park does have some of the best signs/maps I have seen, so follow the signs if in doubt. This map helps greatly.

Accessibility: 8/10 (easy/moderate)
Length of Hike: ~ 1 mile one-way
Height: 15′

Where in the World is Woodburn Falls?


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