Upper Busby Falls, Tennessee

As I’ve mentioned with Lower Busby Falls, both Upper and Lower Busby falls are rather forgettable waterfalls. While they’re not small waterfalls, they’re waterfalls that you can’t get very close to. You’re standing on the Bobo Creek Trail, which is maybe 40 or 50 feet above the waterfall below. There are a lot of trees in the way, and I don’t remember any safe way to get closer to the falls. Luckily, you’ll be rewarded with Machine Falls, which is also on the trail.


  1. If you’re on US-41A in the very center of Tullahoma, you’d head northwest for just a few blocks to E. Hogan Street and take a right.
  2. Drive along E. Hogan Street for a few blocks until you reach Country Club Drive on your left. Turn left.
  3. Drive along Country Club Drive and keep going. It will turn into Short Springs Road. You’ll drive for a few miles along this road.
  4. It’s hard to miss the parking area for the waterfall. If you’re on the correct road, you’ll come to a white water tower on your right. Immediately after this tower is the parking area for Short Springs Natural Area (also on your right).
  5. Park here and safely cross the road. The trail starts here. Veer left onto the Bobo Creek Trail. Upper and Lower Busby Falls are along Bobo Creek, which will be to your left.

Accessibility: 8/10 (easy/moderate)
Height: ~20-30′
Hike: 1.6 miles round-trip (to see Upper/Lower Busby and Machine Falls)


Upper Busby Falls in January 2016

Where in the World is Upper Busby Falls?


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