Waddell Falls, Nova Scotia

Last year around this time, I traveled to Nova Scotia. After arriving in Halifax, I headed northeast toward Truro. Truro is a nice, quiet town that’s most likely known for its tidal bore (how the tides come and go). In the town are two waterfalls along the same river, and that’s what I was there to find.

As I mentioned in a post about another waterfall in Nova Scotia, Wentworth Falls, there are many waterfalls in Nova Scotia, but they’re scattered throughout the province. They’re also often out far enough that you’ll spend some time driving from one to the next. I wanted a few quick waterfalls, and Waddell Falls fit the mold. It’s in Victoria Park in Truro. I was able to take a nap after arriving in Truro, and yet still had enough time to drive to the park and hike to the falls.

The hike is mostly level, with only the last portion being a bit uphill. The park was very busy, as the weather was extremely nice on the day I visited. There were a number of different events going on. The trail to the falls was very clearly marked, and I had no difficulty arriving at the falls. There were many others visiting the falls also. You’ll come upon Joseph Howe Falls first, and then a bit upstream (and uphill) is Waddell Falls. The only negative…there wasn’t a lot of water flowing. I’m not sure when would be a better time (obviously after a lot of rain), so I took what I saw. (There was enough water that the mosquitoes were crazy!)


  1. This is a case where I set my GPS and followed it. Many different roads will lead you to the falls. You will want to turn onto Brunswick Street, as the park is off of Brunswick Street.
  2. From there, instead of turning right on Park Street, go to Palmer Street. A gravel parking area (with much easier parking) will be at the end of Palmer Street.
  3. Head south along the trails toward the falls. It works well if you stay on the east side of Lepper Brook. There is great signage to the falls.

Accessibility: 7/10 (easy/moderate)
Height: 10′
Length of Hike: 0.9 miles round-trip


Waddell Falls in May 2016

Where in the World is Waddell Falls?


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