Seneca Falls, Pennsylvania

I’ve published over 800 posts about waterfalls, and this past year I realized that I probably should have combined some of the waterfalls together as they can be viewed together. It becomes a bit tedious to write about these when I come back to some waterfalls 10 or 12 years later, and I could have just combined some into one.

The waterfalls in Ricketts Glen are tricky, though. There’s a trail and it leads you past 20+ waterfalls. So I now have written about a significant number of individual waterfalls in Ricketts Glen. I guess that indicates that Ricketts Glen is a spectacular place to visit to see waterfalls. There are only a few other locations…Silver Falls State Park in Oregon pops into my head…where you can see so many waterfalls at once.

So here’s Seneca Falls. It’s really impressive that so many different types/shapes of waterfalls can be found in Ricketts Glen State Park. This one isn’t tall, but it has two distinct drops: a cascade and then a wide plunge falls. So if you haven’t visited Ricketts Glen, head out there. Bring bug/tick spray since this seems to be where I’ve run into most of the ticks (in eastern Pennsylvania).


  1. From your starting point, get to the area around Red Rock, PA.
  2. Turn onto PA-487, heading north. Go to the entrance to Ricketts Glen and turn right into the entrance.
  3. Follow the signs to the Falls Trail. You can access the Falls Trail using the Lake Rose parking area or Beach Lot #2 parking area, though you’ll be starting on different creeks. Start your hike on the loop by connecting into the Falls Trail.

Check out my note from Sheldon Reynolds Falls about precautions to take in Ricketts Glen.

Accessibility: 5/10 (moderate)
Height: 12′
Length of Hike: 4 miles round-trip

Seneca Falls in May 2009

Where in the World is Seneca Falls?


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