Bridalveil (Niagara) Falls, New York

I’m going to talk individually about each of three falls that are collectively known as Niagara Falls: Horeshoe Falls, Bridalveil Falls, and American Falls. Horseshoe and American Falls are both found on the American side, though they may actually be better viewed from the Canadian side in Ontario.

Bridalveil Falls is the smallest of the falls, at least in terms of width. It’s about the same height as the other falls. The crest of the falls might only be about 10′ or so. Viewing from the American side, as I did, you can view the platform down below. You might also be able to better view the falls from that platform, though when we went there, it was something like $35 per person to go down to the platform. While Niagara Falls is extremely beautiful, it is also extremely commercialized.

There are probably only a gazillion ways to get to the falls, so I am going to include this link that provides directions to the falls from multiple different directions.

If you want to view the falls from the Canadian side, and you are American, don’t forget that as of 2009, you need a passport, passport card, or an enhanced driver’s license.

Visit in July 2015: In July 2015, I had the chance to view the falls from the Canadian side, which in many ways is the better viewpoint. Bridalveil Falls tends to disappear when placed next to the other two falls, though.

Accessibility: 10/10 (easy)
Length of Hike: Depends on where you are…
Height: 181′

Bridalveil Falls in July 2006


View from Canadian side


View at night


View from a cruise

Where in the World is Bridalveil Falls?


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