Whitefish Falls, Michigan

I live in Michigan, and I honestly enjoy living here. So every once in a while I get a teensy bit annoyed when I hear people suggest that Michigan’s waterfalls can’t be amazing because there isn’t a significant elevation change. There are some really great waterfalls in Michigan. Just search to find examples! And then, on the opposite extreme, Michiganders (and maybe other vertically challenged states) have a tendency to advertise waterfalls that aren’t really amazing, and probably wouldn’t even register in other states. Whitefish Falls is an example of Michiganders being just a bit too excited, though I’ve seen smaller than this being called a waterfall of importance.

Whitefish Falls is found in Alger County, which has some really great waterfalls, along with some very scenic waterfalls. Whitefish Falls just can’t compete. I had visited other falls, such as Laughing Whitefish Falls and Miner Falls, in the same time period, so this seemed mild in comparison. It would be a great place to wade and enjoy a nice summer day, but it’s not a waterfall that I would go out of my way to visit (at least after visiting it)! There are just so many other waterfalls that are far more worth your time. (If I remember, there were campgrounds right near the falls, so it could be an enjoyable place to set up a tent, without being as crowded.)


  1. There is a stretch of US-41 that runs N/S between Rapid River (which is north of Escanaba) and Marquette. This is found in between M-67 and M-94.
  2. If you head north from the intersection of US-41 and M-67, you’ll pass Utah Road on your right.
  3. Shortly after this, you should see Diffin Road, followed by River Road, both of which will be on your left.
  4. Turn left onto River Road. If you miss the turn, turn left onto River Road. (River Road forms a loop off of US-41, so if you miss one opportunity, take the next opportunity.)
  5. Park at one of the camp areas, and then head slightly northwest toward the river. It really isn’t that difficult to find.

Accessibility: 9/10 (easy, I don’t think there was a direct path to the falls, but it’s a very short hike.)
Height: 10′ (total drops)
Length of Hike: 0.1 miles round-trip

Whitefish Falls in July 2008

Where in the World is Whitefish Falls?


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