Peavine Falls, Alabama

Peavine Falls (6)

The main drop of Peavine Falls you’ll find

This past weekend, I flew into Birmingham, Alabama to spend some time with some friends. I had a few hours to go and find a waterfall or two, and decided that Peavine Falls would be the closest, simplest option. (I say that when I really had no clue what level of difficulty the hike to Peavine Falls would be.)

Oak Mountain State Park is a beautiful park outside of Birmingham. The views from the outlook along the way to the falls are spectacular. Once you arrive at the parking area for the falls, you’ll have an enjoyable hike to a larger-than-expected waterfall, Peavine Falls. In mid-April, the falls were flowing pretty well. I can imagine that as the summer progresses, that these falls might have a lower volume of water.

The hike from the designated parking area is rather short, though as you approach the falls, it can get slightly confusing. You’ll still end up at the falls, and there are many ways to reach the base. But there are almost too many ways, and too many signs direct you back to parking. We followed one of these signs, only to end up at another drop of Peavine Falls. So…if you have a few hours to explore, you’ll find more than one drop to the falls! (Finding these other drops likely means you’re headed further downhill, and you’ll need to head back uphill to get back to the parking area.)


  1. You’ll want to get on I-65 south of Birmingham. Take exit 246 from I-65 (signed as Cahaba Valley Road).
  2. Turn right onto AL-119 South (Cahaba Valley Road).
  3. Very quickly after turning right, you’ll turn left onto Oak Mountain Park Road.
  4. Continue on Oak Mountain Park Road to the intersection with John Findlay Drive. Turn left onto John Findlay Drive.
  5. Continue on John Findlay Drive for 2.6 miles.
  6. Turn right onto Terrace Drive. Drive along this road until you reach the end of the road (essentially), which will be the parking area for Peavine Falls.
  7. Follow the blue or white blazed trails to the falls.

Accessibility: 6/10 (moderate)
Height: 65′
Length of Hike: 1 mile round-trip

Peavine Falls (140)

A drop downstream that I wasn’t expecting to find

Where in the World is Peavine Falls?


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