Picture Frame Falls, Washington

In Mount Rainier, there is no lack of waterfalls. Some are very impressive, and then there are a few that you will stumble upon since there are so many sources of water. Picture Frame Falls is in the second category. It was not a waterfall I was looking for, but instead noticed it when driving by to some other falls.

Picture Frame Falls in July 2018

Stevens Canyon Road passes by a number of these falls. Ruby Falls is near the start of the road in Paradise. I missed that one on the map…cell service is nonexistent in the area, as is completely understandable. Upper Sunbeam Falls is a waterfall that can be viewed from the road. And then you can find Picture Frame Falls. You might be able to see Martha Falls, from the road, but that was another waterfall I was unaware of.

Picture Frame Falls is on Stevens Creek, and you can find a pull-off for parking by looking for a sign for Stevens Creek. I walked across the road to get a better view of the falls. The falls were somewhat blocked by vegetation, but even then they’re not significantly tall, though in another state with fewer waterfalls, Picture Frame Falls would be exciting!


  1. If you are in Paradise, you would turn down Stevens Canyon Road and the falls will be about 4.5 miles from that turn (the intersection of Paradise Valley Road or Paradise Road). The falls will be on your left, but the parking are will be on your right.
  2. If you are coming from the east of the park, you will turn WA-123 onto Stevens Canyon Road and then the falls would be on the right, but the parking area will be on the left.
  3. I would recommend checking the Mount Rainier page to see if you can drive into the park. You may be able to access the falls from WA-123, but access to Paradise is often unavailable until the weather is appropriate.

Accessibility: 10/10 (Easy)
Height: 26′
Length of Hike: roadside

Where in the World is Picture Frame Falls?


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